"5? Party of 5?" Bride to Bride Custom made trays (10) upper/Lower 9.5%

Teeth Whitening Benefit

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5 orders of Custom made trays for upper and Lower arches  - made From your own bridal parties personal impression - 10 trays total....Plus 5 packs of 3 syringes of Day White 9.5%

Same trays that you would receive from your local dental office - every order filled and processed with-in one business day and sent by First Class mail. 

Comes with a prepaid mailer Box, step-by-step instructions to take an accurate impressions of your teeth and gum line, putty and disposable trays, a shade chart, and 3 syringes of 9.5% Day White for each order made by Discus Dental - the best prescription strength gel offered in the dental field today. Containing ACP for Zero sensitivity and 100% Guaranteed - get up to 3 shades whiter in 30 minutes.